Monday, July 04, 2016

Blokes and Brexit

Well. We are having a bit of a time of it, wouldn't you say?

The shameful, nasty Brexit campaigns (both sides behaved badly. Farage, The Express, The Daily Mail and The Sun were, as usual, vile). The heartbreaking assassination of Jo Cox. And now the fallout from the Leave result: Labour and Conservatives falling apart; other European nations, as well as friends further afield, shaking their heads and wringing their hands.

What angers me most about the news post-referendum is how quickly it revealed that those who worked so hard to manipulate us to vote with them did so for the fun of it. For the thrill. So that they can guffaw over their next pint about how they got the nation to eat out of their hands (having left someone else to clear up the mess.) About how the other bloke with the smaller penis is now crying into his cornflakes.

And it was all blokes. This episode has been about powerful men dealing with powerful men. Looking to appear stronger. Boosting their egos. Trying to be Alpha. Playing with the little people they love to control.

The only high profile female to feature in this sorry chapter did not seek her fame. She just died while doing her job very, very well.

Of course, women can behave equally badly. But they haven't been doing so in evidence this time. Cameron, Johnson, Gove, Farage, Dacre, Murdoch and Desmond et al. played their petty little machismo games. They scoffed and backslapped and competed, and then pretty spectacularly buggered off, completely unconcerned with the little people they had trampled on. Posh / The Riot Club - by Laura Wade who happens to be a lady - says it all really.

And now we find that the only political leader who looks remotely credible is Nicola Sturgeon. And she'll be stuck behind an international border before long.

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