Monday, May 09, 2016

I'm so BUSY my head is spinning .......

I've never really understood the 'self-denial = moral superiority' thing. In any of its forms. And I particularly dislike the Western obsession with the 'oh, so busy' form of self-denial.

"I simply don't have time to watch TV" ; "I was at work until 10pm last night and in again at 3am. It's just what I have to do" ; "It is everso draining - but I don't want them to miss out on swimming, dancing, football, piano, tuition, scouts, cycing proficiency, parties or Sunday school, so I spend 32 days a month driving them to and fro in the car" ; "I make myself so busy I have to vomit on the hour, every hour, just to unwind. It's so worth it."

How often does someone say: "I'm not at all busy. I avoid busyness like the plague. I try to sleep and relax as much as possible. I work as little as I can afford to."  Never! We'd probably lynch them if they dared. Lazy! Irresponsible! Leeches!

I'm being flippant. Of course, I am a victim of this 'busy, busy' mentality myself. Our culture and many of its workplaces drive us hard to overwork, overspend, feel dissatisfied and resent anyone who doesn't.

The question is, in truth, which other people are you helping by being too busy? In most cases, none. Certainly not your spouse or family, if you have them. They need your attention and wellbeing much more than they do your earnings, success or productivity.

It's a myth that your busyness is good for the world. If it's making you happy, great. But it doesn't make you one jot better than the person who does a little bit less than you do. And if it's not making you happy, as James once wisely said, "Oh, sit down!"

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