Monday, May 27, 2013

Final stretch. Ahem.

Last few weeks of pregnancy now (see my last post about the wonders of human gestation.)

I am more or less completely preoccupied with my physical state and struggle not to exclaim about it with every utterance. Perhaps blogging will lance the boil somewhat ...  ?? Hmmmmm.....

Each day I think, well this is surely as uncomfortable as it's going to get. And then there's a next day. I shed frustrated tears in bed last night at the sheer effort of rearranging (the 8) pillows and (just 4 of my own) limbs yet again in order to try and find a position comfortable enough to pass more than 30 mins' sleep.

I have to pull my legs about with my hands in order to reposition on the sofa, as abdominal muscles are so shot (or buried?) that they can no longer cope with this simple task.

My will is all for walking about in the fresh air, taking little trips, swimming every day: exercise is usually a great way for me to release physical or emotional tension. But in recent days I find that walking more than a mile is difficult. I must seriously consider each length of the pool or trip to the shop - will the journey there and back, combined with whatever activity is necessary once I've arrived - be too much? If I put myself through that physical challenge, am I going to be too exhausted to clean the bathroom (or whatever else it is that I need to get done today)?

My favourite thing is the way I have, again only in the last couple of weeks, developed stretch marks around my outrageously protruding belly button. This area is quite sore. I always bang it against things because each day it's a bit more swollen than the day before, so there's no opportunity to get used to its precise position out in front. And this area is the only part of my exterior where the babies like to play. So I can watch them merrily rolling hands or feet or shoulders or knees (hard to decipher their exact configuration) against this tender bit of skin time and time again, stretching it out and out and out a bit more.

Lovely stuff.

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