Friday, January 25, 2013

Leave of absence

Hello. I am still alive. And occasionally having thoughts about the world. In case you all missed me UNBEARABLY.

Blogging is meant to be vaguely regular, I suppose, but I do find it difficult to keep up when life gets hectic. Some of my friends say the opposite is true for them - it becomes an outlet for the swarming thoughts of an overcrowded brain.

I batten down the hatches at these times. I can only present something in a public forum when a) my brain is otherwise clear and b) I have at least 20 minutes free to ponder over exactly what I'm going to say.

This post is breaking the mould, rather, as I haven't thought about it at all. I'm afraid I simply felt pressurised to add something, after two months' absence. Hence this being incredibly dull.

Please note that I have added some new links to exciting blogs that belong to my friends.

I shall endeavour to think interesting things a bit more often for coming months. In other news, I will be thinking about: leaving work (short-term); moving country; dealing with two people who live in my tummy. It is highly likely that somewhere along the road I will find myself rocking in a corner, losing my marbles one by one.

(Tip of the day - everyone should read We Need To Talk About Kevin at some point but not in the early stages of pregnancy)

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