Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tyrannosaur is my best film of the year so far.......though with a health warning. Jon didn't want to watch it with me for fear it would be too depressing. And true to form, within the first 5 minutes I was weeping.

People in this film do not have easy lives. At the poor end of town lives Joseph, a retired widower in the grip of a rage at life that he cannot control. His little friend, a child over the road, lives under the shadow of his mother's loathsome boyfriend who owns a vicious dog, taunts the child with his mates, and regularly kicks him out of the house to sit alone on the pavement. You feel it is only a matter of time until tragedy strikes.

The worst hand has been dealt to Hannah, a Christian charity shop worker. She brings Joseph to tears one day with a prayer, when he bursts into the shop in one of his rages. (It is the compassion, not the prayer, that moves him.) And they embark on what turns out to be a healing relationship - though without a jot of sentimentality or cliche.

Hannah lives in the nicer end of town. But her life is not what it seems and her horrible plight is gradually revealed.

I don't know if the names are significant. They could be, biblically. Hannah the childless one. Joseph the one called to protect a special woman. There is sorrowful redemption everywhere: in the way Joseph has the chance to move beyond his mistreatment of his dead wife by doing the right thing by Hannah; in the way the barren Hannah brings new life out of Joseph; in the deaths of two dogs - the first, at the start of the film, an act of thoughtless destruction, the other, at the end, an act of love and a desire to put things right.

My thoughts have returned to this time and time again. 100% recommended.

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