Monday, May 07, 2012

Live Below the Line Day 1

We spread our £10 between Tesco and Lidl in Chepstow and Morrisons in Todmorden, near Rochdale.

Stomach heaved like a badboy when trying to swallow porridge made with water and value jam first thing this morning. But I really enjoyed my beans on toast, especially as I had the crust today (almost double thickness.)

Officially, you can use a portion of something during the week (eg, oil) and take the cost of that portion out of your £5. But, as people living in poverty are much more likely to have a limited amount of money each day, rather than enjoying the luxury of buying in bulk and spreading it over a longer period of time, we have bought what we'll use this week within the £10.

But we did manage to afford salt, instant coffee (gross but I'm addicted to caffeine) and something even more to find out more!

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