Saturday, April 14, 2012

Live Below the Line

Have bitten the bullet and signed up with a £150 target for Live Below The Line.

In order to raise awareness about extreme poverty around the world (1.4 billion people live in that state), LBTL challenges participants to live on £1 a day for all food and drink, for 5 days. Sponsors donate money to them and it goes to one of a number of participating charities fighting global poverty. I've signed up on behalf of Christian Aid. Follow the link in this post title for more info.

People in extreme poverty survive on the equivalent of 80p per day or less, for everything (basic services, housing, food, the lot.) So really the challenge is luxury in comparison. But I expect I'll find it tough. Getting enough to eat will be ok. But all caffeine and flavour will be out. As will anything fairly traded or organic. And I expect I'll be relying on Tesco Value quite a bit.

Please sponsor me or do the challenge yourself. It's easy to give or sign up, again via the site linked above. When the time comes, on May 7th to 11th, I'll blog about the experience on here.

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