Friday, February 24, 2012

Lent this year

Lent again - possibly my favourite season of the year! New stuff growing, days getting longer, frogs appearing in the pond and birds in the trees. Hurrah.

My efforts at enlightenment for 2012 include: no alcohol at home on week nights (now an annual fixture); no snacking unless actually hungry; half an hour to meditate / pray per day; vague attempts to exercise daily, stop picking at my nails and skin; read Love Unknown (Rowan's recommended Lent book). All the above intended to make life more enjoyable, rather than deny myself.

Last year you may remember I gave up Sunday church. This has also become a fixture: I mean, I am at churches many Sundays for work, to lead or preach (Christian Aid). And I help put on our monthly Encounter event at Chepstow Methodist church hall. And I meet up with Christian friends to chat regularly. But 2011's Lent exercise helped me free myself from the compulsion of attending services on a Sunday morning. Nobody from the community has indicated to me that they've noticed I've stopped attending ..... which in my newly enlightened state matters to me not one jot. Hmmmm........

But seriously, life is much lighter without. And, I think, faith deeper.

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