Friday, September 09, 2011


Off to Brazil for the first time on Sunday.

Spending the first ten days visiting Christian Aid partners, so I can bring back stories for my regional work here in the UK. We'll be seeing those working in favelas with the homeless on city recycling projects, rural communities fighting for land rights and secure, sustainable power sources that don't involve flooding their homes for massive dams, tax justice campaigners, interfaith leaders working to educate people about HIV / Aids and more.

Have had one or two stress dreams but mainly excited.

Then four days holiday, at Foz de Iguazu and Rio. The Rock in Rio just happens to be on while we are there ; ) And we are staying in a favelinha, a hostel in a favela.

Woo hoo! And I have even done eight hours of Portuguese so I can say 'I would like a beer please' , 'I don't know and I don't understand' , 'where is the bathroom?' So I'll be away!

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