Saturday, January 22, 2011

that was the week that was

Quel week.

It began with my first official 'preach' (needs inverted commas) for Christian Aid at a little URC chapel in Mere, South Wilts.

Then there were two days event management teaching for trainee Baptist Youth Ministers in Bristol. And, yes, I do manage to fill an entire hour and a half on the subject of "planning". It's an edifying course, I can tell you.

These days were intervalled with Britney night on Glee. Bliss.

Since Tuesday, I have amongst other things had tea with a young, high-flying, businessman, father-of-two Christian Aid organiser in Ashton Keynes; and a feisty, near-90-year-old Christian Aid organiser in Upper Minety. Friday night saw me entertaining about 40 people with a quiz at a bangers 'n' mash night in aid of Christian Aid in the Methodist Church, Wootton Bassett. Forty on a Friday. Impressive.

I do enjoy my jobs.

Oh and the Beckhams are having a baby ; )

And my best friends just had one.

Peace out.

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