Saturday, October 16, 2010

achievable ambition

I find most of my ambitions in life are for my beloved, rather than myself. Not quite sure what this says about me and my society, but anyhoo......

Quite excited about the entrance of Miliband junior on the political front lines. Clever, pleasant, passionate about the right sorts of thing. Vast improvement on Brown. Very unlike the superficial 'try-to-be Blair' Cam, Clegg and even (though he is quite fit)  brother David.

So, my new ambitions for husband are:

1. Win a Nobel prize (don't mind which)

2. Become drinking buddies with the Milibands (well, they're not married but whatever her surname is.)

Probably number 2 should come first, before we all get too old.

I feel these are achievable. Jon is a member of the labour party and voted Ed. He is also scientist. I am now going to work on a strategy for inserting regular, encouraging / gently pressurising / inspiring speeches into our daily life to help him on his way.


Jonathan Potts said...

oh, help...

Danny said...

I can't believe you fancy David Miliband. There is no hope.