Friday, July 09, 2010


I now have two jobs!

My principal employer is Christian Aid, for whom I am the half-time Regional Coordinator for Wiltshire. It is so great to have a job where I feel 100% motivated by organisation and cause. I am actually paid to learn more about development issues that I have always cared about but, as a busy pragmatist, never got very far with.

I am staying on at Affinity 10.5 hours. This makes a 30-hour week - one day off to chill, do chores (Jon is hoping!), write and do some church stuff. On paper, an ideal scenario. I am very excited - if aware that the 30 hours could easily expand into 40 or more if I'm not careful.

CA will be the largest organisation I have worked for. At Affinity, with its 6-person team, I am part of every decision and operation: fixing my computer; keeping on top of hours worked and holiday; decision-making; contract-writing; cleaning; purchasing - the lot! There is one 'department'. At CA, there is a 6-hour online training module on how to use the intranet; an IT department that controls my laptop at a distance and doesn't allow me access rights; a mountain of policies and resources and databases to navigate; a network of colleagues, 100s of whom I will never meet; a lengthy approval process to go through before a penny is spent.

How interesting it will be to work for both!

Monday was my first day at CA. Lunchtime was tricky. I popped out for a sandwich and had a dilemma about the ethics of my diet. Is it OK to drink coke zero?! In the end I settled for a glass of water. No doubt I shall loosen up over time.....


Dave Walker said...


All the best for this new job - what a great opportunity.

Having said that I am slightly concerned that you will be asked to organise a major conference in 10.5 hours a week. You could fill that time just allocating lanyard colours.


AnnaP said...

Thanks Dave!

It'll be ok - we only spent 9.5 hours planning Lambeth.

Hope life goes well with you. Maybe see you at Greenbelt?