Sunday, May 09, 2010


We watched Twilight: New Moon this weekend.

I am no a snob when it comes to popular culture. I get hooked on Big Brother. I love Britney. The Beckhams are amongst my heroes. I even enjoy Dawson's Creek, the most ridiculously self-indulgent exploration of teen angst out there.

I do not, however, understand the popularity of these films. They consist of repeated and unvaried scenes of two reasonably attractive, personality devoid young people: approaching one another; standing quietly in gloomy surroundings; staring into each others eyes; uttering one or two syllables; sighing; walking away from one other.

A few other people wander into shot from time to time to mooch and mumble. There are some potentially interesting baddies but the heavily edited snippets you see of them don't even achieve 'vaguely disconcerting' on the scary-o-meter.

I have read a few pages of the first book. Which was better. But if you're after melodramatic teen romance with some convincing vampire fantasy thrown in, this pales in comparison to Buffy. (The seven series of which I have watched 4 times.)

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