Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chepstow Acoustic Music Club

One of Cheppers' local pubs hosted the first of these nights yesterday.

Having not read the flyer properly, I was expecting a tiny bar enlivened in an either deafening or muffled manner by young men playing moody indie/rock. It was more of a well-behaved, properly organised folk event, in fact. Folk music is big in this neck of the woods.

We were among the youngest, thinnest and most conservative of hairstyle in the room. But it was nice. High standard of music; a genuine sense of community; a bit sentimental and a bit of a laugh.

I think we'll go back. Maybe even to play. I can see the Pottersons in ten years time being right at home in such a club. But Jon won't have a ponytail. And I doubt I'll become buxom.

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Jonathan Potts said...


"conservative hairstyle"

Two things that do not very often get attributed to me.