Friday, May 22, 2009

a bit of good news

Chepstow can be a bit of a boring place at times (though very, very pretty).

It came to life this week when thousands gathered to welcome home the 1st Battalion The Rifles Parade from their posting in Afghanistan. Standing with the throng, I actually felt proud (yes, e'en so) to be part of the town.

The constant barrage of pointless news about MPs expenses had been making me feel particularly lacklustre about British cares and priorities - and the turnout for a bunch of guys who had been doing a particularly tough job (which killed several of their number) gave me a bit of optimism again.

My brother-in-law was out in Helmand recently, which made the event all the more moving.

And watching the TV crews and reporters scurrying about the scene made me miss (for the first time?!) local journalism.

All good for the soul.

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