Sunday, February 08, 2009

Yes We Can!

My husband encourages me to "think positive", for I tend to worry and assume the worst will happen.

And lo, I have now found a spring of hope in the US of A. How one man can cope with becoming a symbol of rebirth for the entire world I do not know - and yet, I'm sure Obama can.

Until recently, I feared David Cameron was convincing people that hope lay in his direction. Surely, now they've seen the real thing they'll be a bit more sensible.

Like me. Level headed. Not at all prone to pinning my hopes on the latest fad........Or attractive man. Rational positivity is what we need.


Lucy said...

Yes, it's a shame we don't breed politicians like Barack. Do you not like David Cameron specifically or the Tories in general?

AnnaP said...

My ingrained values warn me off the Tories (have you seen Bridget Jones' speech about them? Kind of sums up my opinions.)

But I wouldn't want to rule them out as eternally useless....things can always change.

David Cameron, however, chills me to the bone. (Well, seems a bit smarmy and superficial, anyway.)