Friday, February 20, 2009

Book my Face!

I joined the Facebook game rather late, being a bit stubborn and all, and as I feared it has insinuated its way into my life rather menacingly.

There's something weird about it. Perhaps its creepy because:

  • it's so quick and easy to establish contact with someone via Facebook that the urge to phone, email and even text just kind of fades. I've always been a bit crappy at that stuff (seeing people face-to-face is really the only way) but it has made me worse
  • the temptation to collect friends like stamps is hard to resist. (And what is the etiquette if someone asks you to be their friend, gets 'ignored' as you haven't heard of them since you were three, and then after a week or so asks again?! Hello!!)
  • I never know when accepting a gift or something means my details will forever be inscribed on an infernal marketing list that keeps sending me inane messages about pink frogs until I cave in and sell my soul. Or something.
Ah, well. This modern world is just too much for me. But I shall press on with courage and fortitude.

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