Sunday, January 04, 2009

A breach in your breeches?

Well, there we go. As my great grandad used to say at 6pm every December 25th, "it's as far away as ever now." "It" being Christmas. He was a 'glass half empty' man.....but year ends do make me stop to ponder the 'rolling stone' nature of life.

As I review and expect this Epiphany, I think of the two siblings who got married in 2008. Another will do so in 2009. (Two to go - my poor old Mum may dissolve in a pool of anxiety before we're done.)

Several cousins and a best friend had babies last year.

The family is planning for a 30th, a 50th and two 60th birthday celebrations in '09. I'm sure there are other significant milestones that haven't dawned on me yet.

I have made my recurring resolutions, mainly relating to attitudes of mind and tendencies towards OCD. I may succeed this time. After all, I am 30 and if I don't nip these things in the mature blossom, it may be too late. I could be eternally neurotic.....Imagine!

Hey ho. Into the breach......


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