Saturday, September 27, 2008

downward spiral?

Yesterday, I was 30.

Thirty. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh. What on earth will happen to me now? Wrinkles? Flab? Neurosis? Enhanced parental features of the irritating variety? Blindness, deafness, joint trouble.....?

And I haven't even had kids yet, what the heck is wrong with me?!

Anyway, there is at least some silver lining to this sagging old cloud. To celebrate the glorious sun on my great day, Jon and I stepped out of our front door in Chepstow, walked all the way to Tintern Abbey along the Wye, had a pub lunch and walked home. So things aren't all bad, not quite yet.

Give me a few days and I won't be able to walk at all, no doubt. Must appreciate it while I can......

Monday, September 15, 2008

"...and don't dilly dally on the way..."

I sit surrounded by boxes and dismantled bits of shelving. It's fairly unsettling.

Jon and I had our last days of work on Friday. We spent Saturday & Sunday packing: the last battle with boxes is today. Currently, I'm waiting for NatWest to pick up the phone so I can alter credit card address details.

Quite how we take the bed apart remains to be discovered....

We've hired a van from Tuesday morning to Thursday morning and will do 2/3 runs to Chepstow and back in that time. Loading the van and car will be joyous, I'm sure. Especially as we live in a first floor flat.

Hey ho! As soon as my body catches up with my mind's acceptance of the fact things are changing, all shall be well.

Better be, anyway.

Monday, September 08, 2008

second coming?

My footsteps are light

I've a song in my heart.

She's back!

(And I challenge any cynics to a duel......)