Sunday, June 01, 2008

So now we know!

Following my rather cryptic entry a few weeks back, I am now in a position to confirm what's happening with me & Jon in the Autumn. Post Lambeth...that faint whiff of future.....

On September 29, I shall start working as an Events Manager with Affinity Events in Chepstow and Jon shall start a second (ahem) PhD in Complexity Science at Bristol University. Dr Dr. Oh yes.

This is all good because:
a) Jon is clearly an academic not a teccie
b) the people and ethos of Affinity seem very well suited to my personality and priorities
c) we shall be getting out of London, the tube, the traffic, the stress, the status anxiety treadmill, the vast expense
d) we shall be getting into the Wye Valley, walks from the doorstep to Tintern Abbey, a rent free five-bedroom house, Bristol on the doorstep (and vastly less money, but what the heck. In fact, that will be fun, too.)

All less than four months away. If we stay in Chepstow longer term, which I kind of hope we will, our children may have to learn to speak Welsh. Can this get any more exciting??!!

(For those wondering what may have happened to my dreams of ordination, well, perhaps they shall resurface. But for pragmatic as well as principled reasons, I shall be exercising my ministry in a 'lay' capacity. Lying down, at times)


Martin said...

All sounds exciting!

Steve Tilley said...

Fabtastic. Have emailed some stuff that may help.