Thursday, April 03, 2008

Went, saw, avoided all thought of conquering...

I am returned! My time in Zambia, Malawi and South Africa was great. Warm weather, friendly welcomes, hitch-free travel (almost.)

The aforementioned hitch was that we got stuck for 24 hours in Harare, which was unnerving...glad I'm not still stuck there. It was a strangely subdued place. Kind of weary.

There's an underlying strangeness about being in Africa at all. As a white, rich, Westerner you can't help feeling responsible for the problems there still are in the continent, and as if you don't deserve to benefit from all the many wonderful things there.

But the Garden Route of South Africa is a truly fabulous place for a holiday. And, at the moment anyway, flipping cheap. You can get a posh meal out with wine for a tenner. And a good night's accommodation for £15.

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Rich Burley said...

Sounds like an amazing trip!

Muchos apologias for not reading your blog (or anyone else's for about 6 months) - kind of got sick of the whole thing.

Hopefully now I'm moving from 'it's just a phase' to 'a blog's for life, not just for Christmas' and might be arsed to keep it up this time.