Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I recently got to wondering what the celebrities I love have to say about me. (I am an important person with important things to think about.)

I love Britney. Blonde again hurray!
I love Victoria and, to a lesser extent David, Beckham.
I love, in rather nostalgic fashion and in complete awareness of his lack of skill, Keanu.
I love Daniel Craig.
I like Kate Moss and whoever she happens to be going out with.
I am a bit interested in the Cruises.
I once loved Eminem, though he seems to have disappeared and even I am forgetting him.

But my admiration is not determined by how much they are in the media. Nor necessarily by how beautiful they are, though appearance certainly has something to do with it. I am not at all, for instance, interested in any other supermodels - especially wierd looking Aygynyeys Dyeyny or whatever - or footballers, or female popstars. Kylie is really boring, I'm afraid.

So, what is the common thread? Why do I love who I love? Who do you love and why?

(If you have no interest in celebrities you are clearly flawed and should seek help).


Anonymous said...

You seem to like the escapist's celebs. The ones you can gossip about, and read about in pretty much any trashy paper or mag. How very normal of you!

Perhaps this is because you are a big gossip. Or perhaps it is because you are too nice to gossip about your friends, so you like these Chavvy celebs.

And how dare you say Kylie is boring?!

AnnaP said...

But the escapist would surely want to hear of Amy Winehouse or Lily Allen.....or Naomi Campbell or Coleen. I have no interest in them.

I would say I go for the cool and collected celebs...but then there's Britney!

Ah, who knows?

Rich Burley said...

I want to detest celebs, and I wish I found their lives as boring as I tell other people I do, and that Katie and Peter series has to be the most vacuous programme on TV, but...

there's a certain attraction to them I can't quite fathom.

No particular favourites, though. Except maybe Johnny Depp. Or Kiera Knightley.

Lucy said...

Kiera Knightley - tut tut Mr Burley, I expected more!

Anonymous said...


They're all beautiful but flawed. Except Daniel Craig, he's just beautiful.