Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I recently got to wondering what the celebrities I love have to say about me. (I am an important person with important things to think about.)

I love Britney. Blonde again hurray!
I love Victoria and, to a lesser extent David, Beckham.
I love, in rather nostalgic fashion and in complete awareness of his lack of skill, Keanu.
I love Daniel Craig.
I like Kate Moss and whoever she happens to be going out with.
I am a bit interested in the Cruises.
I once loved Eminem, though he seems to have disappeared and even I am forgetting him.

But my admiration is not determined by how much they are in the media. Nor necessarily by how beautiful they are, though appearance certainly has something to do with it. I am not at all, for instance, interested in any other supermodels - especially wierd looking Aygynyeys Dyeyny or whatever - or footballers, or female popstars. Kylie is really boring, I'm afraid.

So, what is the common thread? Why do I love who I love? Who do you love and why?

(If you have no interest in celebrities you are clearly flawed and should seek help).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

time present, time future and all that....

Having a two-year job, building up to a specific project, is strange. Just as you're most preoccupied with (or stressed out by??) the task in hand, you're most conscious of its pending completion.

Freelancers or the self-employed face that kind of feeling all the time, of course. But people like me, with a touch of the control freak and a shedload of the pessimist thrown in, will avoid it if possible.

Thankfully, and even remarkably with five months to go, I'm almost certain the next step is sorted. But the strangeness remains, as now I feel torn between the demands of current responsibilities and those of a shadowy future that needs planning........

I find most things in life strange, and emotionally draining. That's just my weird old nature. But I think it's true to say that, reflecting on previous 'changes' in life, I am getting better at trusting God. I am getting better at seeking first the kingdom and believing that all other things will be added. The unknown is exciting, at least some of the time.

They say you get less able to cope with change as you get older. Not true for me thus far. (But perhaps 'older' refers to over 30? I shall no doubt become madly neurotic in later life. Such joys Jon faces........)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Went, saw, avoided all thought of conquering...

I am returned! My time in Zambia, Malawi and South Africa was great. Warm weather, friendly welcomes, hitch-free travel (almost.)

The aforementioned hitch was that we got stuck for 24 hours in Harare, which was unnerving...glad I'm not still stuck there. It was a strangely subdued place. Kind of weary.

There's an underlying strangeness about being in Africa at all. As a white, rich, Westerner you can't help feeling responsible for the problems there still are in the continent, and as if you don't deserve to benefit from all the many wonderful things there.

But the Garden Route of South Africa is a truly fabulous place for a holiday. And, at the moment anyway, flipping cheap. You can get a posh meal out with wine for a tenner. And a good night's accommodation for £15.