Saturday, February 09, 2008

three things of note this week

1. My husband has laughed heartily at the sight of his wife attempting to put t-shirts on after getting typhoid, tetanus, polio, hepatitus and diptheria injections all in one go.

2. Rowan Williams has been treated crappily by the media, again. In my most melodramatic moments, I see parallels between this and Christ before the crowds shouting 'crucify'. In any case, it's all rather horrible.

3. I have been excited to read this book by Kester Brewin. It says new things in a courageous fashion and, while I balk at some of it, is an honest engagement with church culture by somebody who cares deeply for it while willing it to change.


Lucy said...

where are you going that needs all the injections?

Vick Settle said...

Thanks for looking at my blog, lovely girl.

Whats this about Uganda bishops boycotting the lambeth conference then?

Hope you and John are ok xxx

Phil said...

Yes, where are you going? Must be somewhere exciting...

My personal favourite travel injection is rabies. It hurts a lot, but is neon pink - which brings beautiful variety to the jabbing process...

AnnaP said...

Excitingly, I get to go to Zambia and Malawi with work for ten days.
I am then having a ten-day holiday in South Africa with Jon.
Vick, Uganda bishops thing is complex - but we've known they were unlikely to come for about a year. Press just suddenly got interested!