Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year, new tactics?

Well, people, as you will see from this and most others it links to, all has been rather quiet on my little blogging network for a while.

Being rather worse at giving in than is good for me, I'm resisting. But I may need a new approach. Possibly 'Whose Line is it Anyway' style blog fashioning: 'every entry must be written on a Tuesday from the perspective of the last person I fought for a seat on the tube'. Or, 'every entry must be written in iambic pentameter'. Etc.

If anyone actually still bothers to read my ramblings, do offer up a suggestion. It might be the creative lease of life I need......


Lucy said...

I'm still here and reading your blog!
I sometimes think it would be interesting to take the title from a newspaper columnist and write about it before actually reading the original column.

Or maybe we should debate topics a bit more - I'm really interested by what you wrote back on my blog about the Lambeth Conference. There are not many people left who enjoy a good debate!


PS Happy New Year btw! :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading!

Don't stress over the slow post rate. Let your thoughts come and go. Write whenever you have something to say.

Hugs x

Martin said...

I'm reading it on the odd occasion still, and I'm glad you're not giving up. I might even start to post in my irregular fashion again.