Wednesday, January 23, 2008

beware - blog therapy!

I'm rather an emotional little flower, and find myself on the edge of a weepy ledge today. Not angst-ridden, but kind of sad.

Reading this book on the train home from work nurtures the woe. It's quite wonderful but not brimming with joy, in as much as it tracks the progress of a family coping with a young daughter/sister's murder. (Highly recommended, all the same.)

Church politics - at work, on Sundays and according to rumour - weigh me down. Like any community, Christian organsations can wander far from caring for what's most important - the precious, vulnerable sanctity of human lives. Sometimes I feel we're altogether lost.

It is easy to get despondent. I'm convinced there's cause for hope and joy in mankind, the church, the future....and yet......

I don't see what's happening from the top of the hill: I see my immediate surroundings of messy city in the valley. But I do wish that deep goodness in which I firmly believe could be a bit more aggressive with the mess sometimes. Surely we shouldn't be left to our own devices to quite this extent?

Ah, well. We have hyacinths growing in the dining room. And the mornings are getting lighter. And I'm not patiently enduring the view from the top of the hill. That I'm sure I couldn't cope with.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year, new tactics?

Well, people, as you will see from this and most others it links to, all has been rather quiet on my little blogging network for a while.

Being rather worse at giving in than is good for me, I'm resisting. But I may need a new approach. Possibly 'Whose Line is it Anyway' style blog fashioning: 'every entry must be written on a Tuesday from the perspective of the last person I fought for a seat on the tube'. Or, 'every entry must be written in iambic pentameter'. Etc.

If anyone actually still bothers to read my ramblings, do offer up a suggestion. It might be the creative lease of life I need......

alas alack!

My dear Britney has been tipped (irretrievably?) over the edge. I am quite upset about this. No doubt not as scarred as her two small children will be, but nonetheless....time for a moment of quiet.