Wednesday, November 14, 2007

truth on demand

Every now and then my loyalties to the media bubble up to the surface. (It's the nearly four years working for local newspapers what done it.....)

You do get some idiotic criticisms of the press.

I was recently encouraging colleagues from different parts of the UK to promote their good work in local media. One lady objected to doing so because "even if you tell the reporters exactly what to write, in a letter or email, they write something different."

Now, excuse me, but would you email a sermon to your vicar and expect him to preach it verbatim? Would you tell your doctor what you thought was wrong with you and expect him to meekly obey your guidance on the best medication?

There are many valid criticisms of the media. But do we really want reporters to write exactly what those with vested interests tell them to? Think that might actually compromise our nation's democratic status.....

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