Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bloggers unite!

I am having a blog spree because it has been rumoured by the otherwise sensible and respectable Lucy and Mel that the world of blogging is being overshadowed by the world of Facebook.

Oh no.

Blogs are about effort, creativity and the occasional bit of humiliation. Hot and cold spells. Like a long-term relationship. Facebook is a series of one night stands.

Quick, everyone, get blogging.

(Or am I overreacting......?)


Lucy said...

Love it!!
Do you read the Saturday Times? Even David Baddiel is writing about Facebook!
Hope London isn't zapping your creativity - I enjoy reading your blogs!
How's life with you and Jon?

Lucy said...

Btw, my comment about London zapping your creativity was because of the comment you wrote on my blog. Just realised you have blogged 3 times!!! So clearly creativity flowing free!

Pluto said...

Bloggers of the world unite! Actually, I was persuaded to sign up to Facebook by a friend. I tried unsuccessfully a couple of times to register and ended up getting a message saying I was unsuitable! I think I prefer the more homely approach of blogging.

Anonymous said...

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