Thursday, September 13, 2007


Amidst all the meetings/listening to annoying people hold forth about pointless stuff/lack of resources/paranoia that I might be part of a doomed organisation, there are times when I like working in a 'lay' (aaarghhhhhh!) capacity for the church.

The best things about working for the Lambeth Conference are the numerous encounters and relationships that don't revolve around misguided priorities, cynicism or the desire for control. Also nice are the occasional but distinct impressions I get that I matter, even as a tiny cog in a big wheel, and regardless of what everyone else thinks I and the wheel are up to.

Today I had a chuckle of glee to see that a web page I helped create is being discussed in some lighthearted, sensible and (indirectly) encouraging forums. Really, the Anglican Communion doesn't always need to be a matter of 'life and death'.....................

See this on The Lambeth Conference Marketplace and the related links/discussion.

Hurrah! A little bit of light is all you need.

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