Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two small things in my life.

On Sunday night we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Great trilogy...many good reasons to go and see the third installment. Here are two minor ones: the actor playing the Guardian journalist looks uncannily like each and every Guardian journalist your imagination has ever conjured; (and for you Londoners) it's unreasonably exciting to watch a lengthy chase-scene in which Matt Damon paces intently past the all-too-familiar shops of Waterloo station.

Yesterday I unusually (for a week day) read the whole of the forementioned newspaper. Had my feminist angst aroused by an article on the results of a recent sociological study, examining reasons for the pay-gap between men and women. The research followed on from another study that revealed women are paid less because they don't tend to negotiate/ask for more money so, of course, they don't get it. Cue jump to favoured conclusion - "If women stopped being silly, they'd be treated equally." But the new study indicates that, in fact, women don't negotiate because, consciously or not, they know a lady who 'asks for more' is generally disliked and thus disadvantaged in the workplace. A man who requests more money may or may not get it but he has nothing to lose. A woman who asks for extra dosh will most likely be despised, and so why would she bother? Hmph, I say, hmph.

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