Saturday, July 28, 2007


There's nothing like being sick to remind you of your human limitations. I may like to think my body is under my control - but clearly I'm wrong. Currently I feel like a hippo, despite really trying to feel like Anna.

The beginnings of the lurgy were hot sweats and a sore throat, followed by a cough and headache, followed by jaw-ache and eye-ache, followed by sinus ache, later enhanced with lots of snot. Have spent 3 days alternating between bed and the sofa.

Incredibly annoying. I give myself little tasks: remain in bed for one hour - you'll feel better; drink tonnes of fruit juice - you'll be able to do some work tomorrow; get some fresh air - you'll kickstart your system and feel healthier. All miserable failures.

Do you think resurrection bodies will obey our instructions?


Jonathan Potts said...

Origen allegedly believed that our resurrection bodies will be spherical. So how we'll be able to move them around with any accuracy is beyond me.

Mind you, the big white sphere in "The Prisoner" always found its way to its intended destination. So maybe spheres are the ideal form for instruction-obeying?

Anonymous said...

You could always speak to your wife in the normal way you know. Just like I don't really need to email you at work.

Steve Tilley said...

In the absence of such sentiment from the previous two, who seem to be arguing with each other beside your bed, may I just say how sad it was to hear of your illness and offer my profound hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Jonathan Potts said...

Mike "Ben's henchman" Bartlett: but then no-one else would benefit from my theological observations.

Steve and Mike: sentiments which I can offer face-to-face, I do. No need to offer sympathy on a blog to someone I offer sympathy to in private every day. Surely? but if so: Anna, as you know, I wish you a hasty recovery.

Anonymous said...

Anna, please please please get well soon. We need you for the Lounge Lizard evening next week. Although I deny arguing with Pottsy beside your bed, or even having been in the same room as the aforementioned bed.

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