Monday, May 28, 2007

films for a wet weekend

Jon and I have watched two films this weekend. Last night, we saw Red Road on dvd. Today we went to Spiderman 3 at the cinema. Fair to say the two aren't that much alike.

Red Road is set on a depressing Glasgow council estate where people's lives are filled with hardship and darkness. The acting is sensitive and, combined with minimal musical distraction and everso slight handheld camera giddiness throughout, makes for a believable, disturbing tale. The general mood is of despair and claustrophobia but there are plenty of gentle touches and signs of humanity: even light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the aimlessness of the first 45 minutes, a gripping story line does emerge. Watch out for the bedroom scene, though. Blinkin' heck! You don't want to see that with your mum and dad.

Spiderman's fun. Not as good as the first, or second, film but fun nonetheless. I like the dark suit and the hint of eyeliner when he's gone all nasty. But my question is, does anybody actually fancy Tobey Maguire? Lycra-bound muscle or not, I just don't get it, Mary Jane.


Anonymous said...

Tobey Maguire - well he's clearly not in Pottsy's league. But then who is? Does Pottsy ever wear Lycra?

Jonathan Potts said...

Not that you'll ever get to see, Barty-boy.

Though Toby Maguire is apparently one of my bizarre "look-alikes".