Thursday, March 08, 2007

sex, sex, sex

Flipping heck! Blog readers - I need a break from conversations about sex.

Homosexual sex is the big one. There are people in my office who make reference to this during every verbal exchange, be that a discussion of staples, communion wine or which pub to go to for lunch. At least one colleague, I'm sure, thinks of nothing other than gay people and what they get up to in the bedroom. Half the time I find this boring. Half the time, infuriating. Half the time, depressing.

And that's one half too many for anybody.

Furthermore, not a day goes by without me learning that some married person I've just met (often in an important church job) is having an affair. Or has had at least one affair with another married person in an important church job. Or is not to be trusted because they're always trying to have an affair.....

It's all rather disconcerting. I have been party to more conversations about sex in six months working for the Anglican Communion than I was during five years as a student of English Literature....

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Joe said...

Ha ha.

Your average C of E attending worshipper quite often feels out of touch and divorced from those at the top of the Anglican tree, and question the relevance and significance of the decisions made by the kind of people (I would imagine) who work in your office.

In light of your blog entry, and to help lay people to feel more of an affinity wih the powers that be, I'm going to suggest a few new worship songs for St. Pauls. 'Let's talk about sex' by Salt and Peppa should definitely be included, as should 'I'm gonna sex you up' by Colour Me Badd.

Incidentally, why is it that non-ordained folk are known as 'lay' people? Is it because they are considered potential sexual conquests for those such as your colleagues?