Friday, January 19, 2007


I haven't been to the office today.

There is an explanation, which I'll summarise:

Wind caused chaos with trains last night. Had nightmare journey home during which coat was ruined and life almost lost. Still extensive problems with transport this morning - I had to walk two miles to an 830 dentist's appointment, for which I was late (healthy teeth, though, hurrah!) Bus back to train station. By this point I was shattered and annoyed. Still delays with many trains. Phoned office to say I'd be later than expected. Was told not to worry about coming in if it was difficult. Decided to take this gifthorse right on home with me and stop even thinking about trying to catch a train.

Have done stuff at home, though, honest!

There is something so wonderful about a day out of the office when everyone else is there and you know you should be too. The resulting glee can be felt even when you're ill, but then it's diluted by general misery and inability to savour fully the sensations of bonus time.

It's impossible to decide whether one SHOULD make the extra effort to get to work on such occasions. There aren't really any guidelines to go by: there's always someone who will tell you to chill out about a bit of time off and someone else who looks at you with bemused concern because they'd never contemplate cheating the system in such a way. I know I'd have been grumpy and useless at work and probably spent so long getting back home again at the end of the day that my ensuing rage would have ruined the weekends of all with whom I came into contact. But I know I could have got there without too much trouble. I know that's what they pay me for.

Aaaaah. Such moral struggles. Better calm my nerves with another small snack and a cuppa.

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Mel said...

It's like when you feel quite ill but know you could get though a day at work, and when you wake up you try to decide if you are really ill enough to have a day off or if you'd feel too guilty if you did.

I had a classic case of that at my job the first day back after Christmas. I'd felt ill over the holidays and just recovered in time to go back to work (d'oh). I decided I'd see how I felt on the morning of the day I was due to go back and if I still felt fairly ill I'd stay at home. As it turned out I didn't feel to bad and I didn't wake up with a sufficinetly croaky morning voice to leave a convincing ill message on the work answerphone, so I had to go in.