Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Next year I'm 30....

Hello everyone and happy new year! 2006 has taught/reminded me that:
  • being married is very good
  • California has incredible scenery
  • churches get more confusing the more you think about them
  • I am a bit too obsessive about not getting fat
  • I enjoy public speaking...
  • ...but find it difficult to speak when in meetings
  • Daniel Craig is quite sexy
On a different note, I have been tagged. (See here for game details) by my husband. Below are some facts that I don't think many people know about me.

In return, I tag Joe, Lizzie, Caro, Danny (no blog yet!) and my Dad (Dad, have you got it going yet?)

Fact 1 - one of my favourite occupations is removing ingrowing hairs from my husband's upper arms
Fact 2 - I can (or could, when I was a journalist) write shorthand at 130 words per minute.
Fact 3 - I once interviewed Doris Lessing for the Birmingham Post and the piece was given a full page
Fact 4 - last night in bed I started moving my legs frantically as if cycling and exclaimed "it's really cool!"
Fact 5 - when I worked in Kenilworth I was once assaulted

I'm sorry that two of those are really me bragging. But I like bragging. And I never dare do it in conversation. (Perhaps this is the same for most people, resulting in almost every Christmas 'round robin' letter becoming an ode to the writer's annual achievements?)


Mel said...

Not bad work Potts. I knew 2 of them.

Andy said...

Ingrowing hairs? Eeuwwwwwww gross!


Jonathan Potts said...

I'm sure I don't have ingrowing hairs. It's just an excuse for Anna to fidget.

...and Anna didn't say "It's really cool" but "I think it's cool!" ... immediately before launching into a growl.