Monday, December 18, 2006

what the heck is going on?

As many readers know, there are moves by some parties to split the Anglican Communion at the moment. (Interesting discussion about this on Steve Tilley's blog.)

In America, the tensions are much, much worse than they are here in England. I know of clergymen and women who have been being asked to leave their jobs because they so much as hold conversation with someone from the other 'camp'. Superficially, the row all boils down to attitudes towards homosexuality (and women?) but it's really about power.

One recent move by the conservatives has been to change the name of an organisation oringinally set up to minister to Nigerians in North America (overseen by a bishop ordained in Nigeria). It was set up with the name something like 'convocation for anglican nigerians in america' but has now labelled itself 'convocation for anglicans in north america', thereby setting itself up directly in opposition to the Episcopal church. The acronym, of course, remains the same - CANA. See for more.


Anonymous said...

stupid woman... work for the church!

AnnaP said...

sming, thank you for your kind observation ; )

Martin said...

Oh well, maybe this Lambeth Conference you're working for will help - I hope so anyway