Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pan's Labyrinth

Jon and I just went to see this film. We had thought of Casino Royale but Jon is allergic to squealing yoofs and it was a Saturday night....we thought this more leftfield and 15-rated pic was a better option. I can wait a bit longer for Daniel Craig.

Anyway, Pan's Labyrinth weaves a gorgeous fairytale into a 'real' story about a young girl caught up in the Spanish Civil War. Equivalent struggles/moral battles go on in the fantasy and the real realm, and you're never quite sure what's for real, what's not, what's good and what's bad. Even at the end.

On the way home, we talked about how so many wars (Spanish Civil War was a long and fierce struggle, I think) are about people wanting to exert their superiority over others and control them. I drifted into thinking about how, in small and usually (mercifully) undramatic ways, most of us behave like that. It is pretty difficult to really see the 'other' person as you drift through life. Does the way I relate to people depend entirely on how I am feeling about myself? Do my insecurities determine my treatment of others? Do I just want others around so that I won't be lonely, or because they distract me from the darker things in life, or because they help me feel better in some way? Don't all these things amount to considering others less important and valuable than myself? A dangerous road to go down....and even if, in theory, I know this a terrible way to think, I'm not convinced that in my actual interactions each day I really do have other people's wellbeing in my mind. I guess I'm better at that when they're not there, when I'm thinking about them after having seen them. And maybe that's ok? Maybe that thinking, in small and unselfconscious ways, changes my future behaviour....

Dunno. Anyway, it was a fab film. Casino Royale, here I come!!


Caroline said...

Hey Girl!
Welcome to the world of bloggers, although am mightily offended I'm not on your links list!!!

Even I've seen Casino Royale, and I live in Africa! It's brilliant, by the way, although rather violent... and I'm not sure what James Bond did before the advent of the cellphone...

Caroline xxx

AnnaP said...

Hello Caroline (with a boyfriend that I need to know about!)

Have now seen Casino Royale and agree it's pretty good. Better than most other Bonds I've seen. Makes me really want one of those fancy drinks with the bit of lemon peel......also want that purple dress...also I'll stop there. I'm not totally shallow!


Anonymous said...

Hello Anna
I've just 'navigated' (is that the word?) round your blog. Very interesting. You've got your dad interested. He's thinking of blogging.
I couldn't find you through the route you suggested but went via blogspot then Jon's blog to you. i agree with your comments about Britney and the Beckhams. Not so sure about Kate Moss.
I've just remembered that I haven't read R.W's Christmas message which Rith said was very good, so I'm going to look at that now.
Love, Mum

AnnaP said...

Hello Mum! Hope Dad does set up a blog. I think it will be very amusing!