Wednesday, November 29, 2006

about me - again

here's one such test

My Personal Dna Report

Hello world!

Well, here we go!

I find myself having the previously unknown experience of being regularly bored at work. As a result, I have finally ventured into the world of writing a blog....which is strange. (I think the boredom will cease after Christmas. At least I hope so. I am beginning to feel guilty about my monthly pay cheques.)

Incidentally, this is also the first job I have ever really liked. Maybe I am born to be a lady of leisure? Yes!

Erm, anyway, boredom also tempts me to waffle on about nothing very much. Which I won't do. I shall instead trawl the internet for personality tests (a bit addictive - probably like shopping for some: you do more because it points towards some kind of self-satisfaction but you never quite get there) and post them on here if it takes my fancy.

La la! I can do this stuff.